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  • Jaclyn Bianchi

How I got started....

For the past 11 years, I have taught as an elementary grade school teacher (I still do, by the way!). I love every minute of it, and like to think I am the "arts and crafts queen."

I have followed bloggers on social media, and always loved seeing how much fun they were having meeting people of all ages! One late night in July 2022, I was on Instagram, and saw 'said blogger' with the *cutest* permanent jewelry booth at a farmers market. Her entire family was there to celebrate one of her first public events, she even made a balloon arch to decorate! I thought to myself - I have a big family! I can make cute decorations and balloon arches! I love farmers markets! I want to meet new friends! And on that night, I bought the one and only Orion mPulse welding machine. I have learned so much about jewelry, chains, welding, soldering, argon gas (non-flammable, THANK GOD!), business strategies, social media, organizing events+pop ups+ collabs, and SO much more!

I have also become too familiar at clicking "book flight" and "book hotel room" since I've gotten the privilege of traveling near and far to link all of YOU up! San Diego State University and Oregon University - I'm lookin at you ;) Florida Country Thunder Music Festival 2023... here I come!

Can't wait to see you all soon to link up!


Founder, Jaclyn Bianchi, at a private event for permanent jewelry!


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