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Permanent Jewelry FAQs

Your jewelry will last through sleep, sweat, swim, and shower. 

*soulcycle & barry's bootcamp & sauna  & jacuzzi & country music festivals & cabo bachelorette trips

& gardening & balloon arch making... approved!*


Should you need to remove your piece(s), it can easily be removed with scissors. Make sure to clip it at the welded link and save your chain in case you want to get it linked again in the future. 


I also offers clasps if you don't think you can make the permanent commitment just yet. 

*I know, it's hard. ;) no judgement*


Permanent doesn't mean invincible; While it is designed for everyday wear, it is still dainty jewelry.  

*So be gentle shoving your carry-on luggage (hopefully it's a Beis) into the overhead bins on airplanes, or is that just me?*

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